It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only person who can see how evil and sneaky someone is and everyone else is like blind to it

I had a girl on my practice thesis team in highschool and she was tiny and pretty and super sweet to every man she ever met and nice to every girl “worth while” but she was the biggest bitch I’ve ever met. She’d yell at me when our male teammates fucked up (but only when they weren’t around so they’d never think about her as anything but a sweet, sensitive soul), blamed the low scores she got on the parts of the project she was in charge of and cried the second I told her off. I was so fucking done with her but all the guys on the team stood up for her and made me into the bad guy.

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my dad is a senior software engineer at Google
this is his work laptop


he takes it to company meetings

I’ve been told he has received many compliments

Marry him.

did you read the post

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Why do I need feminism? 

So people will stop posting and making shit like this. So people will stop degrading women just so they can have a few laughs.

If this doesn’t make you mad and make you disgusted then I honestly don’t know what will.

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look at this sweet gender bent iron man design



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"If you find yourself thinking “Wait. Can’t say that. He’ll think I’m weird and fucked up.” Ditch them and find someone who responds with something twice as weird and three times as fucked up."

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